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Raw Water Pump Station Engineering Consulting

Drayton Valley, AB, Canada




Raw Water Pump Station Engineering Consulting

Electrical building and emergency power generator


The Town of Drayton Valley required a new raw water pump station   (RWPS) to supply their new water treatment plant (WTP). Magna IV Engineering formed   part of the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) team, in a progressive method   that integrates all stakeholders (owner, consultant, general contractor, and   major sub consultants) throughout all phases of the project. This was the   first CCDC 30 IPD contract in Canada.

Through the   validation period, a cost-effective solution was selected, separating the electrical   building and river mounted pumps instead of a more conventional pump station   design. This innovative design mitigated significant   construction risk and cost, and provided 1 in 100-year flood resiliency.

  • Power distribution design

  • Outdoor backup diesel generator design

  • LED lighting design

  • Electrical site servicing

  • Control systems, instrumentation, and communication   network design

  • An underground single-mode fiber optic cable was   installed between the RWPS and the WTP to provide dedicated, reliable, fast   and secure communication

  • Programming and systems integration


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