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Kelly Butz

Kelly Butz

CEO, Maxima Power Group

Kelly Butz is the CEO of Maxima Power Group. He joined Magna IV Engineering, a subsidiary of Maxima Power Group, in 2004 and steadily advanced through various roles before assuming the CEO position in 2016. Following the merger of Power Solutions Group and Magna IV Engineering in 2021, Kelly assumed oversight of Power Solutions Group.

With an education in Electrical Engineering and Management, Kelly feels equally comfortable interpreting financial statements as he does analyzing time-current coordination curves.

In his formative years, Kelly accumulated invaluable experience through engineering studies, design work, and hands-on involvement in large-scale commissioning and maintenance turnaround projects. His journey traversed diverse roles, from project management to sales, where he held titles such as supervisor, branch manager, department manager, and multi-regional vice president. However, the pinnacle of his achievements is his role as CEO of Maxima Power Group, overseeing Power Solutions Group LLC. and Magna IV Engineering.

Under Kelly's leadership at Magna IV Engineering, the company experienced remarkable growth, with annual sales growing from $10M to a peak of $47M. Moreover, he spearheaded the expansion of the company from a single office to an impressive network of 15 offices. This period marked a significant chapter in Kelly's career, showcasing his exceptional leadership and strategic vision. His subsequent elevation to CEO of Maxima Power Group, overseeing Power Solutions Group LLC. and Magna IV Engineering, further underscores his continued success and leadership development within the organization.

Kelly resides in Edmonton, AB, with his wife and two children and says 'he will forever be almost done' renovating their 100-year-old house.

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