Arc Flash Analysis

Power Solutions Group Ltd. is a fully licensed NETA testing firm offering solutions for your  Arc Flash/Short Circuit Analysis needs. We work to ensure that your facilities are up-to-date and compliant with the current OSHA/NFPA 70E regulations.  Power Solutions Group Ltd. does a full inventory of all pertinent electrical equipment in your facility. Labels with all required information are affixed to all 3 phase electrical distribution equipment operating at 50 volts or greater.  Now every employee can visually see the risk associated with the equipment.  We have in-house certified arc flash training instructors to train your maintenance and electrical personnel to properly read and understand the new labeling in your facility as well as selecting the appropriate PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).  We can also provide a personalized safety policy which meets all OSHA/NFPA 70E safety regulations in regard to arc flash.